Wireless earbuds

Opening the packaging, I was pleasantly surprised to find a pair of sleek white earbuds and a cute little carry case. The packaging itself seemed like your run-of-the-mill budget blister packaging that one would expect from any corner store cheap shop, but the quality of the earbuds themselves and the carry case seemed quite high quality.

But wait there’s more

I’m a sucker for that little bit extra. A free set of steakknives, an extra nugget with my happy meal, a free hat when I buy a jacket. In this case (literally), the case is the little…bit…extra. Not only will it keep both earbuds in one location, dust free and safe from damage, it also doubles as a charger to keep those tunes pumping when in dire need. Topping up the power level of this handy little earbud container is simple with a microUSB cord (the same one you would use if you owned an Android phone of any sort).

Easy Peasy

Pairing with my device was surprisingly simple, turn one on, pair it to it’s partner then pair one with your device. Like a little meerkat on tv says “Simples”. I was able to listen to Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez as quickly as you could say “you have the same terrible taste in music as a teenage girl”.

Sound of music

The sound quality is surprisingly good. I was expecting the sound to seem “far away” or tinny and lacking any depth, but while the bass isn’t anything that to have Dr Dre raising his eyebrows, it is present and clear with a solid mid-range and treble to make sure my Miley and Selena sound excellent.

Would I buy them again

I like to listen to music, on the bus as I travel to work, as I workout, while I drive. I need to have quality sound and unfortunately, these are not quite as good as another set I currently own. I think they would make an excellent gift and I’m sure my daughter will love them

You can find them here
if you are interested in buying some for YOUR daughter or yourself


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